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No matter what your project may be, we can help. We’ve helped homeowners with every size project, and because we do our own dirt work, preparation, and drainage, we can adjust projects to suit your needs.

We’ve helped homeowners with:

  • Foundations–both slab and footers
  • Concrete patios, concrete floors, concrete driveways, and other flatwork
  • Retaining walls and other structures
  • Finished concrete: decorative stamps, stained concrete, and other

If you’re a Metro Orlando homeowner and need concrete repairs or installation, contact us today for your free estimate.

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What Concrete Services do We offer

Driveway Construction & Replacement

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Concrete Patio Construction & Replacement

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Sidewalk Construction & Replacement

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Concrete Foundations

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Concrete Footers

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Concrete Slabs

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Concrete Pouring
We’ve helped homeowners and businesses with all of their concrete needs, including driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and more.

Concrete Experience
Our Concrete Professionals have extensive experience pouring concrete for numerous home improvement projects and new builds too.

Slab Foundations is a local concrete company that has provided homeowners and contractors with some of the best concrete slab work in Central Florida for 15 years.

You can expect quality work and a customer satisfaction guarantee when you hire us, your local Professional Construction Company.

We made a name for ourselves, providing the highest quality stamped, stained, and decorative concrete in North Orlando.

Hire the cement contractors that can get the job done right. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

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What people say about us

Three months ago, we had The Professional Construction Company pour a large concrete pad in our back yard, along with a long sidewalk on two sides of our house. We also had some electrical work done. Having had a bad experience with another contractor, we asked Charles or Chris to be present whenever the crew was working. The were true to their word, and directly supervised the project. Halfway through, Chris asked, “Are you happy with the work being done so far?”

At the end, Chris came back a week later and asked, “Are you happy with the work we did?” I really appreciated that we were asked those questions! We showed Chris a couple of areas we felt needed improvement, and by the end of the week, they were repaired. I waited 3 months to post a review, just in case we ran into any issues, but we have not. The electrical is working perfectly and the sidewalk and concrete areas look good (a bit of minor cracking, which is normal). We do appreciate their work.